"I'm extremely proud to be a product of the Manchester School District, and will work harder than anyone to ensure the best education for the students of this city."

A strong education system is the bedrock of any community.  I will fight to support the students and teachers of Manchester through various policies such as... 


  • Class Sizes: Support plans that keep student to-teacher-ratios low so that students are able to receive the feedback from teachers they need.

  • Student supports: Find creative ways to increase the amount of paraprofessionals available to meet the needs of students as defined by their education plans.

  • ELL support: Improving the in-school infrastructure for our English Language Learners to foster their success.

  • Student Learning: Promoting vertical and horizontal curriculum designs that address the standards students are expected to meet.

  • Facilities - Support the necessary upkeep of buildings to create a positive learning space.

  • Learning Materials: Supplying classrooms with the most up-to-date materials and technology that best meets our student' educational needs.

  • Life after Graduation: Implement counseling plants with students for their post-graduation goals, whether that includes college, trade school, or the workforce. ​

  • Professional Development: Encourage support for teachers through ample professional development opportunities that help educators develop new teaching skills that meet the needs of the students of the district.

  • Community outreach: Guarantee families of all backgrounds are included in their students' learning through direct communication and community events.

  • Home supports: Work to provide adequate support to families of students in need of assistance.